Reflect Mother Manual

This Reflect Mother Manual is now 16 years old – which means that the Reflect approach is now in the prime of its youth. This feels appropriate in a world where we are witnessing a resurgence of youth activism whether in struggles for democracy or fights against austerity cuts. Reflect has spread phenomenally since 1996, being used in at least 75 countries by hundreds of different organisations, including NGOs, social movements and governments. Since 2003, five diverse programmes using the Reflect approach have won UN International Literacy Prizes. Whilst many excellent resources have been produced over the years (for example Communication and Power in 2003 and Counting Seeds for Change in 2009), the most regular request that we receive is for this original Reflect Mother Manual. It is tempting to update it in the light of so much innovation in practice over the years – but we have resisted as this represents a core foundation and reference point.


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