A Guide to Challenging COVID-19 Measures that Undermine Human Rights

This advocacy toolkit was developed by Eda Seyhan based on original research and interviews undertaken by consultants and ActionAid staff and partners in the ten countries. The contents were also enriched by secondary research. Additional contributions were made by the following ActionAid colleagues: Anindita Dutta Roy, Kate Carroll, and Mary Wandia. We appreciate ActionAid’s Working Group on Civic Participation and Democratic Space for ideas that led to the development of this advocacy toolkit. We are very grateful for the valuable input made by ActionAid Staff and Partners from Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, Guatemala, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. ActionAid, “Advocacy Toolkit: a guide to challenging COVID-19 measures that undermine human rights”, ActionAid, Johannesburg, 2021 Edited by Stephanie Ross


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