Job Announcement

Community Manager for Reflection Action website

We are looking for a community manager for the Reflection Action website, ActionAid’s harmonised digital platform for shared learning on participatory methodology. It uses a range of participatory tools to help create an open, democratic environment in which everyone is able to contribute.

You will become part of an organisation that works to fight inequality internationally. Your focus will be on facilitating and motivating participants to work together to analyse their situation, identify rights violations and bring about change. Where appropriate, Reflection-Action can also be used to support literacy, numeracy and language learning.

About the website

The Reflection-Action website is a digital embodiment of the process. It is designed as a social library of participatory tools and processes, and a community of those who use them, primarily NGO practitioners. A good explainer can be found here.

The resources include stories of change, participatory models that are easily reproduced, materials for workshops and events, and they cover a wide range of thematic areas.

Each site user is able to create their own profile, which can include a photo, details of the content they have contributed and information about them and their work.

The Reflection-Action process starts from people’s analysis of their own context and builds in a cumulative way, looking at the connections between local, national and international levels. Participants follow a cycle of reflection and action, which involves:

· Understanding the context

· Identifying and prioritising an issue

· Planning and action

· Participatory monitoring and evaluation.

At each stage, a variety of participatory tools are used to support analysis and planning.

Reflection-Action is the foundation for building people’s agency, starting with their own conscientisation (otherwise known as critical consciousness).


The site has recently been rebranded and is undergoing a soft relaunch. Our requirement at this stage is to engage in some active community management. We are looking to work with an experienced community manager(s) to work on three main areas:

· To keep our community active, while growing in size

· To support our community members in contributing to the site and facilitating that contribution

· To increase the website’s visibility and reputation. 

It is anticipated that this work will be 30 working hours per week, initially be for a period of around three months with the potential for review after a debrief.

In order to apply to deliver this work, please submit a breakdown of realistic ambitions for what is achievable in the initial three-month period, including required resources and costs (including salary). Please do not include detailed creative ideas at this stage – we are not looking for a free consultation – but outlines of basic methodologies are welcome. Please send this and any covering materials, such as previous examples of successful community management, to by Friday 11 November 2020.