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Public Service Accountability

Public Service Accountability

It is important that states are held accountable for the provision of public services. Good gender responsive public services are essential for a dignified life and for the realisation of poor people’s human rights.

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PSA - Accountability in fair tax generation

Taxes pay teachers. Taxes train nurses. Taxes maintain roads, deliver medicine, and provide clean water. Tax revenue is the most …

PSA - Accountability in gender responsive quality…

Basic services such as education, health, water and sanitation, food, housing and human security are important as they are basic …

PSA - Accountability in policy formulation

The monitoring of public policy is an essential part of empowering people living in poverty to make claims and hold the state acc…

PSA - Public service financing accountability

Financing and providing basic public services for all citizens is the responsibility of the state. The state must have sufficient…


Have you used the Thematic Area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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