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Tax Power

Tax Power

Supporting analysis and action on tax injustice

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Tax Power 1 - The local context

Key ideas:Tax is a compulsory contribution of money paid by citizens or businesses to government when they earn money and when th…

Tax Power 2 - Tax pays for public services

Key ideasTax should help support public services. This is what taxes are for.The lack of adequate public services has negative ef…

Tax Power 3 - National & international sources of…

Key ideasSome problems are just local. Yet in many cases, national and international events have effects on poverty at the local …

Tax Power 4 - How good has our local tax work bee…

Key ideasLocal action gains on tax are valuable on their own within an international campaign.Local work on tax can influence nat…


Have you used the Thematic Area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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