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Reflection-Action Cycle

Reflection-Action Cycle

In Reflection-Action we aim to build a cycle of reflection and action. We then encourage reflection on that action, new analysis and new actions. The cycle includes four main stages as outlined in this video:

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R-A cycle 1 - Understanding the context

In order to gain a deeper political understanding of their context or of a particular issue, exploring their reality and identify…

R-A cycle 2 - Identifying and prioritizing an iss…

Following an in depth analysis of their context, Reflection-Action participants will come together to identify the problem or rig…

R-A cycle 3 - Action

Based on an in depth analysis of their context and a strong understanding of how and why their rights are being violated, communi…

R-A cycle 4 - Participatory monitoring & evaluati…

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation are essential in order to ensure that organisations are able to:learn from experienceadapt plan…


Have you used the Thematic Area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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