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Humanitarian Needs Assessment

Humanitarian Needs Assessment

Tools and resources to deliver a gender transformative needs assessments in humanitarian crises

Needs assessment is an essential part of ActionAid’s humanitarian response and recovery process. It involves systematically gathering information relating to the needs, conditions and capacities of those affected by a humanitarian crisis. ActionAid promotes a women-led approach, which empowers local women to take leadership in the humanitarian response process, engages young people and ensures that the voices of the most excluded are heard.



HNA - ActionAid’s HRBA and needs assessment

ActionAid has a distinctive human rights-based approach (HRBA) that centres on active agency: supporting people living in poverty…

HNA - Industry Standards and Guidelines

A range of international principles and standards define quality in humanitarian response. These include the Humanitarian Princip…

HNA -Participatory tools for Needs Assessments

Needs assessments should be carried out using a participatory community-led process. The following tools could be used to help co…

HNA - Standards & Principles that guide our asses…

People affected by crisis have the right to receive protection and assistance and to ensure the basic conditions for life with di…

HNA Step 1: Preparing for a needs assessment

There’s a lot that you can do to prepare for a needs assessment before a disaster has happened.Develop a preparedness planAll Act…


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