Thematic Areas

Reflection-Action Lenses

Reflection-Action Lenses

A number of different lenses, or areas of analysis, can be used in combination to deepen understanding of a particular context or issue. One tool may be used to explore more than one area.



AoA - Actor & institution analysis

Actors and institutions analysis involves identifying the actors and institutions that are friends/enemies/neutral/not to be trus…

AoA - Communications analysis

Communications analysis involves identifying the dominant means of communication in the community and analysing whether people’s …

AoA - Gender analysis

Gender analysis involves exploring the relationships between men and women and identifying the division of labour, productive and…

AoA - Livelihoods analysis

Livelihoods Analysis involves understanding people’s livelihood strategies in order to make sense of what they are doing and unde…

AoA - Power analysis

Power analysis involves exploring different forms of power (visible, hidden and invisible; public, private and intimate) men and …

AoA - Rights & policy analysis

Rights analysis involves identifying people living in poverty and excluded groups and their condition and positions; the key area…

AoA - Risks & feasibility analysis

Risks and feasibility analysis involves identifying the risks relating to a particular community, programme or organisation as we…

AoA - Trend or historical analysis

Trend or historical analysis involves observing patterns or changes over time relating to an issue or particular context.Particip…

AoA - Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analysis involves identifying the disasters people are most vulnerable to (for example, floods, conflict, drought, …


Have you used the Thematic Area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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