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Empowerment is the process through which we enable people living in poverty to become rights activists. We do this by supporting them to become more aware and more critical of power relations and by strengthening their own power.



E 1 - Building critical consciousness

The Reflection-Action process starts with people’s analysis of their own context and builds in a cumulative way, looking at the c…

E 2 - Literacy for empowerment

Literacy is a right. It also has multiple benefits - human, political, cultural, social and economic. Literacy can improve self-e…

E 3 - Organising and mobilising

Community organising is the foundation for securing change. Its goal is to build the power of excluded groups by bringing them to…

E 4 - People-centred media

Increasingly we need to move beyond basic communication skills to critically explore and enhance people’s access to different mea…

E 5 - Measuring empowerment

Empowerment is a complex and non-linear process, embracing values, knowledge, behaviour and relationships as well as more tangibl…


Have you used the Thematic Area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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Centre for Applied Human Rights

Emilie is a filmmaker and multimedia artist, with a focus on video portraiture and storytelling. Emilie has over 15 years' experi…