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Seasonal Calendar - Rainfall Calendar

Maria Nandago

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Seasonal Calendar - Rainfall Calendar

Seasonal calendars have been useful in discussing community's coping strategies during periods when they are susceptible to emergency risks or disasters. It helped them analyse what they would do to mitigate the likely effects of a particular incidence analysed using the seasonal calendar. For example, communities using the Rainfall calendar were able to map out the months of the year when they receive rainfall and also indicated those periods when they receive very heavy down pours that result into floods. This led them the discussion which areas that are most affected by floods, the impact of those floods on them and what coping strategies they have. They also discussed what mitigation measures they should take on. Their discussion highlighted the need to involve different players and engaging the departments that are responsible where they mentioned environment and agriculture.  

This Rainfall calendar was followed with other tools such as the Map, which plotted the areas that are prone to floods. Like all other participatory tools, the seasonal calendar can be enriched with the use of other tools such as the Map as mentioned, the matrix, even a timeline to analyse the trends, intensity  for example of the floods over the years.


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Emma Pearce Thu Jul 16 at 07:07:34 0 like
Thanks for sharing this experience Maria, it's really interesting. Great to hear also the tools that you have used to further deepen the analysis on this issue.

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