Community power map

Community Power Map in Kahana, Pind Dadan Khan, Pakistan

Rizwana Baloach

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Community Power Map in Kahana, Pind Dadan Khan, Pakistan

I found the activity very interesting. It is very good for learning. I applied this tool in training in another LRP. I shall apply this tool in my own communtiy when I go back. I learned a lot from this activity. The practical in the field cleared all my queries whcih I had in theoretical learning. Of all the tools I learned of the field, I found this the most interesting and the most suited to my community.


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Raksha Sharma Mon May 17 at 11:05:11 0 like
Rizwana! good to know that you have experience on using this tool. I have not used it, will you please explain in little detail about how you made people realise their power through the use of this tool!?

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