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Community Power Mapping with rural women in Village Kahana, Pind dadnkhan, Punjab of Pakistan

Maher Falak Sher Tahir

Working as Program Manager in PWS, Pakistan engaged with Development Sector since 2007. Has worked on different position and roles. Remain part of Participatory Tools customization and use as well as training of LRPs in Punjab Region. Program Management, System Development and Capacity Building are major areas of expertise and interest in development sector. See profile

Community Power Mapping with rural women in Village Kahana, Pind dadnkhan, Punjab of Pakistan

Community Power Map was practiced in Punjab province of Pakistan. Community identified for this exercise has been engaged since 2009 where Reflect Centers were opened and other interventions like women collective and skill centers were established with Women Organizations. Village was deprived from basic infrastructure including water facility. Community Organizations named "Sakhian Sanjh" is active in field for community development and rights protection. 

Tools used with 10 women group while following tools process and analysis was made against Power dynamics. Community is strengthened at domestic level and they are engaged with relevant stakeholders. Community Power at different spaces through scoring to each space by each member and probing through Why the space is claimed or invited to you? What actions taken toward a claimed space? and What challenges are there to claim a space? 

The result of tool guided to me toward identification of gap where is still need to work more and what capacities are there with communities on which we can build further. Community's women power within is at good stage which can be further utilized for power to and power over. Women understanding regarding tool was good and provided a visual picture of their village with influenced or less power spaces as well as possible actions for them. 

We should keep tool as simple as possible and explain in local context so that community can get in an easy way. 


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