Pervaiz Ansari

i have been working with AAPK since last five year as Program officer and support the LRP to implement the Program in their area. I remain involve in monitoring the LRPs , Reviews and Mid term evaluation. See profile


Purpose of tool. This Tool helps us to understand and analyze about the power dimensions at Personal, Private and Public level with in the community where we are working. It also help us to understand the past and present situation under these power dimensions which clearly explain the shift in power in community after the program implementation in the said area.. How we Used this tool in Local Community 1. Participants met with community group and introduce themselves with Local community and briefly explain their purpose of coming and meeting with them. 2. We start our exercise by asking general questions from their lives how they are spending their lives and how they participate in the interventions ( Program implementing by the Anjuman Rafia Ama with the support fo AAPK. 3. They shared different intervention which is implementing with them. 4. Group asked different questions guided by the tools with these communities in very simple language.


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