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Pilot Tool - Body Map in Village Kandwal : Pind Daden Khan

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Pilot Tool - Body Map in Village Kandwal : Pind Daden Khan

Reflection:  Three Days (JUly 24th to 26th, 2016) Training on Participatory Tools for Measuring Shifts in Power

ActionAid Pakistan Country Programme organized three days workshop on Tools for Measuring Shifts in Power from JUly 24th to 26th, 2016. Following are the reflection on three days 

Day 1: 

First day we go first hand knowledge on concept of power, its dimensions and levels. In addition to this, 07 power tools divided in 07 groups comprised of 03 to 05 participants. We in group 03 ( Bushra , Rabia and Israj) members were there and planning to Pilot Power Too: Body Map in community. In group, we understand the tool and designed plan for field visit.

Day 2: 

We piloted Body Map tool in village Kandwal- PD Khan during FGD with community group. Question were designed around sexual reproductive health awareness and associated public services facilities , right to choose partner, violence against women and at what extent community are aware of contraceptive methods. 

In response, women group were open and confident on topic and share the change in power in two dimension Power with in and Power to

Power With in : After 2009, when ActionAid Pakistan with support of partner organization Anjuman Rifa-e- Amma intervened in area and  worked to sensitize communities on women rights and associated law, there is shift in the in vision of communities particularly women which provided enabling environment for a women to address her issues around health particularly Sexual and reproductive health rights. 

Power To: Recent government initiatives on health particularly on reproductive health including provision of LHVs, LHWs, TBAs,  midwife, provision of facilitates in BHUs: improve not only physical public health services but also build conducive environment to address this issue openly.

Learning from Pilot Exercise :

There is need to organize male vigilant group in order to sensitize them on SRHR.

Tool should practice in homogeneous women group ( married or unmarried)

To extract maximum information on the issue, there is need to participate sufficient women in group for FGD.

Nb: Please look at the picture to follow the process



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