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Peeling the Onion

Irfan Arshad

Working as Human Right activist in Local area of Khushab for poor and excluded people. Who have not any awarness about their basic rights and are living a miserable life. See profile

Peeling the Onion

Dear friends,

I have practiced the peeling the onion power tool specified on the Village Clubs, It was unique experience to practice it with the community young boys. Through this power tool I became able to dig out the three steps of shift in power within the community Youth i.e. visible, hidden and invisible and remained successful to let the community understand the tool, its motive and enable them to gauge the level of three kinds of powers shifted within themselves before and after working of AFM/AAPK in Local Community

Going through this tool, first time the young Boys became able to introduced with the power structure streaming within their day to day life and influencing a lot on their life directly and indirectly by their families and community elders 

As a whole the tool is very useful for analysis of power in different spheres of life as an ice breaker to see life at different scales and further to set targets about how to control over these powers and drive them to grow with limited resources  



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