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PRS and Tax Justice training in Primary schools

Victoria Masao

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PRS and Tax Justice training in Primary schools

Promoting rights in school and tax justice training organized by ActionAid - NORAD project in collaboration with partners. The training conducted in between 29th March to 19th May 2017.

Objective of this training was to strengthen children understanding on their education rights, enable them to understand concept of tax justice in relation to provision of quality education and enhance girl’s capacity to raise their voice demand for good privacy sanitation infrastructures in local school governance systems.


Participatory method and tools employed where reflection of PRS framework and presentation of tax justice took place by using plenary discussion tool, group discussion tool, strategic questions tool, role plays and timeline - action planning.

Selection of tax justice tools from toolkit and familiarization was done. During the training, reflective process took place where all children facilitated to participate in reflecting on concept of Promoting Rights in School framework and the ten rights. Then elaboration of tax concept which includes the meaning of tax, types of taxes, tax payers uses of tax and disadvantage of paying tax. Role plays enhance children’s level of understanding about tax in relation to ten rights of quality education.


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