Who pays tax? The teacher, the vendor and the farmer.

The ignorance of citizens on who pays tax

karoli kadeghe

Work with ActionAid Tanzania in the capacity of Education & Domestic Resource Mobilization Manager since October 2015 to date. I am managing NORAD tax and girls education project named: PROMOTING QUALITY EDUCATION THROUGH DOMESTIC RESOURCE MOBILIZATION. A teacher by profession, Diploma in education (1995) & Bachelor of Arts with Education (2004) as well as Postgraduate Diploma. See profile

The ignorance of citizens on who pays tax

In implementing the promoting quality education through domestic resource mobilization project that is funded by NORD, I interact with both school management committees, parents village leaders, pupils and other stakeholders at local level. Most of these people in Kilwa and Singida where the project is implemented have a serious knowledge gap on who pays tax or how tax is paid. These people would always say that tax is paid by those who are employed in public sectors, them being farmers do not pay tax.


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