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Developing School Improvement Plan

karoli kadeghe

Work with ActionAid Tanzania in the capacity of Education & Domestic Resource Mobilization Manager since October 2015 to date. I am managing NORAD tax and girls education project named: PROMOTING QUALITY EDUCATION THROUGH DOMESTIC RESOURCE MOBILIZATION. A teacher by profession, Diploma in education (1995) & Bachelor of Arts with Education (2004) as well as Postgraduate Diploma. See profile

Developing School Improvement Plan

In rolling out the promoting rights in schools framework, we empower community on what should an ideal school look like. A participatory data collection on the extent on how the right to quality education is achieved or not in a school is administered after one week training to community members on how to use questionnaires in data collection. these community members are then taking part in collecting information from pupils, teachers ,school management committees, parents and head teacher, seeking the same information from all those groups. the information obtained is jointly entered in the prepared data entry template, the contradicting information is validated by calling a meeting of all interviewees. From this point once contradict data have been triangulated, community which is served by such school is helped to develop school improvement plan. Here all the challenges which were revealed by data collection exercise are tabled down and through card sort communities prioritises what challenge should be addressed first and what should follow later depending on the resources needed and the urgency of the matter. This happened in 2016 when we conducted baseline survey in 15 schools in Kilwa and Singida Rural, where ActionAid-Tanzania is operating. The baseline was carried out to benchmark the status on how the right to education is realised or violated to inform the implementation of the Promoting Quality Education through Domestic Resource Mobilization that is funded by NORAD


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