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Undermined community in Zambia

Karen Jørgensen

Learning Process Manager in AADK. I advise and facilitate processes around democratic governance work & climate justice (14 years). Previously, I have worked on human rights issues with both bilateral donors. (Denmark and GIZ, Germany), and the UN, including 7 years based in the field. See profile

Undermined community in Zambia


The film is describing how a disempowered community through linking up with the Zambian Vicepresident hereby receive some degree of recognition of their situation and lack of access and representation in the political system.

It is interesting and inspiring how the community has organised themselves and is able to articulate their case and through a gatekeeper raise their voice at highest political levels. The question is how they could have used evidence building tools and approaches more? Alliance creation? And what could be an advisable next step?




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Casper Knudsen Wed Oct 16 at 04:10:25 0 like
Very inspiring film indeed!

Karen Jørgensen Thu Oct 16 at 00:10:55 0 like
Just heard that the community finally had success in their fight for rights to live a decent live..any one who has the latest news from Zambia?

Tools used in this story:

Gatekeeper tool

To identify people who can help you access duty bearers relevant to your advocacy or campaigning work.The processDraw up a table …