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Magnifying power relations to filter and pave way for social accountability.

Sarah Kamya

Am a social worker with passion for social development. I have diverse exposure of over 17 years from different cultural,thematic and program focus which enriches my capacity further. Sharing and learning is an essential part of my dynamic experience. See profile

Magnifying power relations to filter and pave way for social accountability.

The chapatti tool was disbursed to the participants from the women and mens' forums in an effort for them to further explore power relationships within the community. Particularly it was to understand the importance and influence of the different powers that be and how they can influence Rights demand and the level of achieving these rights.

The first step followed was to get the participants to understand the tool and how it can be used. Then the different cards of different sizes were prepared and one individual representing the group was then placing the cards on flip chats a complete list of all the people, groups or organisations that exist and have an influence on the person, group as well as organisations and community. 

and later the whole group discussed in plenary. The discussions were by the two groups facilitated by me. The participants came up with different views of which group of people had in fact more power yet it is the same community.

Lesson learnt is that different people are aware of different powers and how they can be influenced thus in solidarity such discrepancies can be overcome.

The participants in fact released that they had different perspectives on power relation issues. They further understood that discussing issues together and mapping them out using R-A tools was very beneficial for it drafted out several ways.   


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