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Fighting corruption in Mozambique

Karen Jørgensen

Learning Process Manager in AADK. I advise and facilitate processes around democratic governance work & climate justice (14 years). Previously, I have worked on human rights issues with both bilateral donors. (Denmark and GIZ, Germany), and the UN, including 7 years based in the field. See profile

Fighting corruption in Mozambique

This film is showing how different tools are used in an evidence-building process. One of the tools is the Suggestion Box, also referred to as a parallel complaint box. This tool is very useful in a context where it is potentially dangerous to voice issues related to corruption, where an anonymous whistleblower can share a complain fx regarding experiences with poor access to public services because of corruption. This tool has been useful in a Mozambique context, but would it be a problem that complaints anonymously in other contexts?

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Casper (admin) Knudsen Mon Oct 16 at 05:10:21 0 like
Great experience from Mozambique!

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