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Centre for Applied Human Rights

Farah Mokhtareizadeh

Farah is a Global Advisor for Programme-led Learning with AA based in TCDC. See profile

Centre for Applied Human Rights

Emilie is a filmmaker and multimedia artist, with a focus on video portraiture and 

storytelling. Emilie has over 15 years' experience working as a community video artist for theatre and rights based groups. ReflectionAction recently sat down with Emilie to get her reflections on using a participatory approach to video projects for humanitarian aid and development work. 

We were also curious about Emilie’s more recent project, a joint effort between the Centre for Applied Human Rights and ActionAid, designed to ‘explore how art could help us imagine and inhabit new ways of being, feeling and knowing, opening space to begin to articulate alternatives (Kelly and Flower, 2017, p 1). 

You can find the podcast here


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To develop or evaluate an action plan.The image of a bridge over a river (or road) is used to show the steps taken from the past …