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climate justice - a story from community level in India

Karen Jørgensen

Learning Process Manager in AADK. I advise and facilitate processes around democratic governance work & climate justice (14 years). Previously, I have worked on human rights issues with both bilateral donors. (Denmark and GIZ, Germany), and the UN, including 7 years based in the field. See profile

climate justice - a story from community level in India

Actionaid India has with this report "River ecology" documented improvement in the climate as a result of the COVID-19 induced lockdown. The resultant restricted human activities gave a pause to industrial operations and reduced movement of vehicles, trains and planes. Marked changes were seen in rivers as the colour of water looked clean in water bodies. Increase in the arrival of migratory birds on riverbanks was noticed. Birdsong was noticed in the heart of busy squares of the metro cities. With complete lockdown, tranquillity was suddenly felt, as all activities came to complete halt. Many changes were observed with the naked eye but also proved through scientific studies. Since the COVID-19 induced lockdown situation cannot continue, it is essential to learn lessons from nature and act on these lessons on priority.file:///C:/Users/kj/Downloads/River%20Ecology-%20An%20assessment%20of%20the%20impact%20of%20COVID-19%20lockdown%20V3.pdf


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