Human Right Based Approach

Climate impacts and adaptation in West Africa

Karen Jørgensen

Learning Process Manager in AADK. I advise and facilitate processes around democratic governance work & climate justice (14 years). Previously, I have worked on human rights issues with both bilateral donors. (Denmark and GIZ, Germany), and the UN, including 7 years based in the field. See profile

Climate impacts and adaptation in West Africa

With food production and livelihoods collapsing, how do communities survive? Listen to the voices from islands in Senegal, communities in Gambia and more:


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Tools used in this story:

Agricultural map

To show the different crops grown and / or livestock kept in a community.Steps in the processThe group may wish to begin the exer…

Body map

To explore issues around health and sexuality, women’s rights and violence against women.Steps in the processDraw the outline of …

Daily activity chart

To help participants to analyse how their time is used each day.The processDraw a daily timetable from sunrise to sunset.Ask part…

Focus group discussion

To bring together a group of individuals with similar interests or experiences to explore a particular issue in a structured way.…

Report card (for documenting issues)

To document issues, identifying who is impacted and how and who is responsible.This documentation tool was designed as part of th…