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Using citizen voice in Kenya

Peter Murphy

I'm Content Production Manager with the ActionAid International Communications Team. My background is film-making - documentary, drama and commercials but I have a broad interest in communications for social change. I have a particular interest in how participatory photo and video can strengthen citizens voice to further their own advocacy. See profile

Using citizen voice in Kenya

This approach developed from a pilot project for ActionAid's Unpaid Care Work in Kenya. It was impressive how once women had become familiar with the very simple to use cameras that they recognised what a powerful tool they could be. First of all it documented the problems they were confronting - and meant that they could bring evidence ('ushahidi' in Swahili) to share with the rest of the community, decision makers and media. Previously, they said, they could be easily dismissed and their concerns not taken seriously.

They also used the cameras in imaginative ways - to visualise a different reality e.g. men and boys fetching water, firewood, cooking etc - making the changes they wanted to see visible.

In other cases the evidence gathered has been used to gain funding from donors as it has been possible to clearly show the issues and suggest viable options.

Here's one video made by a group in Bamburi: 


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Emma Pearce Thu Jul 16 at 07:07:22 0 like
Thanks for sharing this experience, Peter. It's great to see an example of one of the videos made by a group.

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Citizens' voice

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