Thematic Areas

PVA - Vulnerability Analysis

PVA 5 - Understand why people are vulnerable (draft)

PVA 5 - Understand why people are vulnerable (draft)

  1. What are causes and effects of a hazard? How are they linked? How do they interrelate?
  2. Which causes should be addressed as a priority?



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Tools in this toolbox

Cobweb for rights analysis

To help understand the rights situation and of different groups in a community.In the example below the focus is on women's right…

Criteria ranking matrix

To rank different items / issues against a set of criteria.Steps in the processHere we use the example of a criteria ranking of f…

Helping relationship spiderweb

To explore the web of people and organisations that can support a person in a difficult situation and to identify what makes a he…

Mobility map

To explore where people go, for what reasons, the frequency of their visits, distances covered, and modes of transport used.Steps…

Pairwise ranking matrix

To compare a set of issues and find out which is the most important to participants. Known as a pairwise or preference ranking ma…

Problem tree

To explore cause and effect.A tree can be used to explore cause and effect or problem and solution. The various elements of a tre…

Simple ranking matrix

To rank issues according to their importance to the group. StepsIf you are working with a large group, subdivide the participants…