Thematic Areas

PVA - Vulnerability Analysis

PVA 8 - Provincial / national / international-level planning and advocacy

PVA 8 - Provincial / national / international-level planning and advocacy

PVA work does not stop at the community or district level. Addressing the causes of vulnerability also requires action at provincial, national and international levels. In some cases, actors working at these levels can participate directly in the analysis and planning processes, but more often they will rely on analysis and discussion that has already taken place at district level. Action at these levels will need to complement work on plans for action with advocacy and lobbying. Of course, not all vulnerabilities will need escalating to this level, but it is still important that people who are acting locally are aware of global aspects and connections.

Organise PVA meetings

  • Structure community analysis and demands and present them at provincial / national / international levels to get to plans of action.

Advocate and lobby

  • Communities and their allies should engage with actors at provincial, national and international levels to ensure that actions and issues that were dismissed in the planning are put on the agenda.



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