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AoA - Communications analysis

AoA - Communications analysis

Communications analysis involves identifying the dominant means of communication in the community and analysing whether people’s communication skills affect their ability to claim and enjoy their rights.

Participatory tools for communications analysis

  • Communications mapA communications map can be used to analyse where in the community people access information. How is that information available (notice board, newspaper, word of mouth, radio, etc.)? Does everybody in the community have equal access to that information? 
  • Daily activity chartA daily activity chart can be used to analyse communication practices on an individual basis – at what points in the day are different communications skills required e.g., mother tongue at home, official language in school, numeracy skills in market, etc.
  • Literature review - A literature review can be used to analyse the different sources of information available to community members, where are they found, what language are they in, is the language clear and simple, etc.

Key questions for communications analysis

  • What are the dominant means of communication? To what extent do women and other community members have access to and control over these?
  • What language is spoken in the community? Is this an official language? Do people’s language skills affect their ability to claim and enjoy their rights.
  • What are literacy levels in the communities concerned? What about other communication skills (numeracy, language, etc.).
  • Does a lack of communication skills impact on people’s ability to claim and enjoy their rights? If so how?
  • What new media/information communication technologies are available or affordable and can be used to most effect to enhance the voices of people living in poverty?
  • What communication capacities do people need to develop to ensure sustainable shift in power and how can we support these?
  • What are the communications practices associated with spaces where power is wielded and decisions made?



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