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Public Service Accountability

PSA - Accountability in policy formulation

PSA - Accountability in policy formulation

The monitoring of public policy is an essential part of empowering people living in poverty to make claims and hold the state accountable.

Often government policies and programmes promise people specific entitlements, but these are undermined in practice because of low awareness, poor targeting, inadequate budget allocation or misappropriation of resources. By monitoring public policy and budgets, people can build their own evidence base, strengthen their understanding of the role of the state, enhance their capacity for effective rights-based action and lay the basis for campaigning to bring about structural change.

Accountability requires the government to:

  • accept responsibility for the impact it has on people’s lives
  • cooperate by providing information, undertaking transparent processes and hearing people’s views
  • respond adequately to those views.

Participatory tools to support accountability in policy formulation include:

  • Social auditto collect and present evidence about a government programme, service or facility
  • Public hearingto allow citizens the chance to voice opinions and concerns over a decision facing a legislature, agency or organisation.
  • Petition - to collect evidence of support or opposition to a particular issue or government proposal.



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Social audit

To collect and present evidence about a programme or service.                               The Social Audit process uses partici…