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RC 5 - Communicating with a wider audience

RC 5 - Communicating with a wider audience

This approach is based on getting our voice heard by other people in order to build support for a case and put pressure on power holders. The assumption is that greater public awareness will force power holders to react and listen to our voice. To be truly effective we must be clear about what audiences we are targeting, why we want to reach them and which channels or mediums are most appropriate in each case. Mobile and social networking will be key for some audiences but letter writing, radio or TV may reach others. The media can be a very effective tool in campaigning, from community radio stations to high profile national news.

Participatory tools for communication:

  • Radio and television broadcasts - to share information with a wide audience
  • Social media - to share information and encourage interaction
  • Banners and posters - to share information widely in specific locations
  • Leaflets and newspaper articles - to share detailed information with target audiences



Here you can download some useful resources.

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