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RC 4 - Mass mobilisation

RC 4 - Mass mobilisation

When we stand together in solidarity we have a stronger voice and are able to demand that more ‘spaces’ are opened for people to influence democratic processes.

Once we have inspired and engaged our target audience, we also need to find ways for them to get involved in the campaign and to show their support for an issue by taking a campaign action or mobilising in support. We can then use our “people power” to demonstrate that there is mass public support for the changes our campaigns seeks.

Participatory tools to support mass mobilisation include:

  • People’s caravan - a group of people travelling together in procession to raise awareness or lobby on a particular issue.
  • Forum theatre - to help people to explore and think about how to change their reality.
  • Public hearing - to allow citizens the chance to voice opinions and concerns over a decision facing a legislature, agency or organisation.



Here you can download some useful resources.

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