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E 3 - Organising and mobilising

E 3 - Organising and mobilising

Community organising is the foundation for securing change. Its goal is to build the power of excluded groups by bringing them together and building a collective organisation that will allow them to influence decision-makers on a range of issues over time. It’s important to build on this mobilisation to facilitate the emergence or strengthening of community organisations. We also need to support grassroots organisations to connect as identity-based groups at district level and up to national level, creating new people’s organisations and social movements or strengthening and democratising those that already exist.

Participatory tools to support community organising include:

  • Chapatti diagram - to map actors and institutions that you might wish to work with.
  • Gatekeeper tool - to identify people and organisations who might help you access the decision makers you want to influence.



Here you can download some useful resources.

Tools in this toolbox

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