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Village Book

VB 1 - Analysis of the village situation

VB 1 - Analysis of the village situation

The first stage of the Village Book process involves a comprehensive analysis of the village context using participatory Reflection-Action tools and focusing on the following:

Social analysis

To understand the social composition and social cohesion within communities and to assess people’s control and access to communal infrastructure:

Economic analysis

To understand the different economic resources in the village and their links to people’s livelihoods:

Vulnerability analysis

To capture how important events in the past have affected the life of the community, to identify vulnerable people in the village and understand the factors contributing to their vulnerability:

  • Tools used: timeline and wellbeing matrix.

Women’s situation analysis

To understand the conditions and status of women in the village:

Relationships and power analysis

To understand who makes or influences decisions in the village and if or how the power is used for the benefit of poor and marginalized people in the village:

This is similar to the context analysis process outlined in the Areas of Analysis and Reflection-Action Cycle Toolboxes.

To learn more about the Village Book process, take a look at this video by ActionAid Myanmar: 



Here you can download some useful resources.

Tools in this toolbox

Chapatti diagram

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Cobweb for rights analysis

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Natural resources map

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Seasonal calendar

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Social map

This is a bird’s eye view of a village that shows the demographic details and the social infrastructure available for the people …


To track changes or document the history of a community or organisation.By capturing the chronology of events as perceived and …