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M&E - Value for Money Analysis

VfM 3 - Conduct community assessments

VfM 3 - Conduct community assessments

This stage of the Value for Money Assessment process involves working with community members to assess the cost of achieving something of value, considering the relationship between the results achieved (value) and the resources deployed (money).

  1. Introduce the community participants and members of the team.
  2. Review and discuss the programme intervention to be assessed, including the timeframe and implementing partners.
  3. Remind participants of the ultimate goals of the partnership with the organisation.
  4. Use the Ripples of Change tool to list and rate the changes achieved as a result of the programme intervention.
  5. Use the Value for Money Grid to review the community costs and assess value for money.
  6. Discuss implications and formulate community-based recommendations that follow from the assessment.


Developed by Daniel Buckles, SAS2 Dialogue ( and Francesca D’Emidio, ActionAid. 


Here you can download some useful resources.

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