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M&E - Measuring Power Shifts

UPS - Levels of power: local, national, international

UPS - Levels of power: local, national, international

Power can very rarely be understood in a single location, without looking at the inter-relationships between how power operates in other locations and at other levels. And increasingly there are connections that can be tracked from the very local to the international level.  

One of our major challenges is to be able to show the connections, whether we are starting from a household or community level or whether our starting point is international (in designing a multi-country programme or campaign).  

At the most simple level, whatever your starting point, it is helpful to be able to track, on the particular issue that concerns you, some examples of how power relations operate at different levels. Start at the level you are working and then try to fill in examples both down to the household level and up to the international level. You may want to add other levels where appropriate:

  • Intra-household
  • Community / neighbourhood
  • Municipality / local government
  • District / department / province
  • National
  • Sub-regional / regional
  • International



Here you can download some useful resources.

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