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Safe Cities 5 - Evaluation

Safe Cities 5 - Evaluation

In stage 5 of the Urban Book process, evaluation, community members, government officials and leaders track changes to women’s safety in their areas and identify the concrete results and impacts of their work.

Participatory tools to support evaluation for safer cities:

  1. Evaluation of progress on action plans - identify the progress of each action plan / service using the tools from Safe Cities 1-4. This process should be undertaken before the next urban forum.
  2. Focus group discussionsgroup discussions with participants and their communities in each community / town based on a questionnaire. This process should be undertaken before the urban forum.
  3. Urban Forum - Revisit the tools used in Safe Cities 1-2 with the community during the urban forum.



Here you can download some useful resources.

Tools in this toolbox

Action plan matrix

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Community scorecard

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Focus group discussion

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Ideal future map

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Ripples of change

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