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Promoting Rights in Schools

PRS 2 - Selecting the schools

PRS 2 - Selecting the schools

This stage involves carrying out a mapping of schools in the district to agree which schools to work in.

What’s involved?

You are unlikely be able to work in every school in the district so it’s important to agree how you will decide which schools to work in. Do you want to focus on one community within the district or to choose a cross-section of schools across different communities? Are you focusing on a particular aspect of the right to education (for example, the right to a safe and non violent environment)? In that case you might select schools where you feel there are particular concerns in relation to this issue or you might focus on a cross-section of schools which take different approaches to the issue.

A school mapping exercise should be carried out to identify target schools according to a set of agreed criteria and based on existing knowledge of the context and needs. The process might include the use of scorecards or surveys to gather data about the status of education and the needs and priorities of the different schools that will then be analysed alongside other contextual information.

The final decisions about which schools to select will be made by the District Advisory Group in collaboration with NGO and partner staff.

Who’s involved

  • District Advisory Group
  • Consultant
  • NGO & partner staff



Here you can download some useful resources.

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