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Promoting Rights in Schools

PRS 6 - Developing a School Improvement Plan

PRS 6 - Developing a School Improvement Plan

At this stage the children, staff and parents at each school work together to develop a School Improvement Plan.

What’s involved

Once the data has been compiled and reviewed, an action plan should be developed for interventions on education rights. At school level this will take the form of a School Improvement Plan (SIP) developed by each school (SMC, teachers, representatives and children) and including clear roles and responsibilities for various stakeholders such as: parents, teachers, mothers’ club members, children and where applicable, local leaders, district education officers etc.

The group members identify the issues to be prioritised during the period in question and strategies needed to address them, remembering to link across different levels where possible. 

In many countries, School Improvement Plans (SIPs) or School Development Plans (SDPs) already exist and their formulation is linked to the allocation of government grants to each school. If this is the case where you are working, make sure that you use the standard format provided by the Ministry of Education. Integrating evidence obtained during the PRS process into these plans can help access existing resources for schools.

Who’s involved

  • Local research team
  • School stakeholders
  • District Advisory Group
  • NGO and partner staff



Here you can download some useful resources.

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