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Transparency board

Transparency board

To share information about government or NGO projects and programmes.

Transparency Boards are used to share information about projects - like the programme objectives, activities, who the funder is, and how much money will be spent on what. These boards are displayed in a public place and updated regularly as a way of improving accountability to communities. It’s important to consider issues such as language and literacy when deciding to use a transparency board and to be open to alternative ways of sharing information.

The use of transparency notice boards has helped enhance information flow about budget allocation to public institutions and projects and also on the devolution of public funds. This has raised citizen’s awareness about the existence of these public resources and empowered them to seek and demand their effective and efficient use and to minimise local corruption and misappropriations.


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Lacerda Lipangue Wed Jun 16 at 00:06:04 0 like
This tool ActionAid Mozambique is implementing itself in sense of being transparent, also is motivating partner and LRPs to follow the same. We have some LRPs that a ready implementing it. This is most powerful one in sense when you demand government to be transparent you have to start by your own organization.

Casper Knudsen Tue Nov 16 at 03:11:26 0 like
That would be great. Can you maybe share a story on that?

Lacerda Lipangue Mon Dec 16 at 08:12:27 0 like
Definitely I will do!

Han May Mon Dec 16 at 08:12:58 0 like
just wondering that board, community may need to update regularly when project have new activities. Am I right ?