Citizens' voice

Citizens' voice is an approach to citizen journalism that can support the extension of communities’ capacity to pursue their own advocacy and achieve real gains. It is a synthesis of ‘traditional’ participatory photo and video with citizen journalism.

Participatory photo and video has the capacity to extend the communities’ skill set. It has been transformed by technology to create the potential for citizen voice, which integrates programme, campaigning and communications into a transformative process led by and for people living in poverty. 

Steps in the process

The citizens' voice process is integrated into the participatory process:

  1. At a point decided by the group and its facilitators, simple cameras are introduced to capture the evidence and testimony around the issues that have emerged and been prioritised.
  2. As an advocacy plan is produced for change (within the community, with local, national or international decision makers), the content gathered is shaped to support and extend the effectiveness of that advocacy

Suggestions for use

  • Citizens' voice can be used within a research process, building to an advocacy strategy It requires the name, role and gender of the participant to be well recorded and transcribed, and it requires informed consent to have been granted. If there is a sufficient sample size then the perspectives gleaned give a sense of the community context at the time the question is asked. It would be interesting to record these over time.


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Brenda Rosales Wed Jun 16 at 13:06:06 0 like
I haven´t used it yet, but I´m planning to use it in the Citizen Journalism Training.

Peter Murphy Thu Jul 16 at 08:07:22 0 like
Hi Brenda, do get in touch if you want more information about how this can work in practice.

Peter Murphy Wed Dec 16 at 04:12:21 0 like
Hi Casper - I would be very interested in learning about your experience of using citizen voice or any participatory photo/video approach.

Choplal Giri Thu May 17 at 06:05:29 0 like
CSC (Community Score Card) supports to empower people and provides opportunity to interface with service provider and beneficiaries. Its also a regular process of participatory evaluation and support to make action plan for collective efforts.I want to know the process if some where its implementing differently.

Suwaiba Yakubu-Jibrin Tue May 17 at 08:05:11 0 like
Hi Casper and team, this is really an exciting tool, I want to try it in the up coming Digitalising for Development project in Nigeria, please could we discuss on the risks associated with the use of this tool and practical mitigation

Fyfe Strachan Tue May 17 at 08:05:33 0 like
ActionAid Vietnam has used a version of this tool - Video Storytelling - to empower children to give their views about their school. Children, parents and teachers received training in video storytelling and then groups of children worked together to make short films about their experiences at school. Children were also encouraged to enter these into a national competition, where they were shared with policymakers and also shared on social media with the wider community.