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Report card (for documenting issues)

Report card (for documenting issues)

To document issues, identifying who is impacted and how and who is responsible.

This documentation tool was designed as part of the Safe Cities Urban Book process. However, it could easily be adapted for use with other topics.


  1. Look at all the red areas on the Urban Safety Map and identify issues that contribute to unsafe areas.
  2. List these issues.
  3. Identify who these issues impact
  4. How are these people (their safety) impacted by the issues
  5. What public services are these issues linked to - identify them
  6. Fill in the matrix
  7. Repeat this process for the amber (semi-safe) and green (safe) areas identified on the urban safety map.

Suggestions for use

  • A similar matrix could be used to explore safety within a school or in a rural community, for example. In a rural area the safety issues might emerge in relation to particular activities, collecting water or fuel wood, for example.



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