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Simple ranking matrix

Simple ranking matrix

To rank issues according to their importance to the group. 


  1. If you are working with a large group, subdivide the participants into groups of 10-15 and ask them to select a leader/facilitator. 
  2. Review the list of issues that have emerged and write or draw each issue on cards forming the first column of a matrix, like the one below.
  3. Ask the participants/groups to rank the issues in ascending order (the most important issue would rank as 1).
  4. Write down all the scores and calculate the total per issue.
  5. Rank the issues. The issue with the lowest score is ranked No.1; the issue with the next lowest is ranked No. 2 and so on.


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Tafadzwa Muropa Fri Dec 16 at 21:12:07 0 like
Thank you for sharing this tool.It really helps especially in identifying key issues for advocacy.sometimes it is difficult to prioritise issues when there is a basket list.This tool will be handy in my future assignments


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